Thursday, July 21, 2011 Game Recap & Discussion [SPOILERS]

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Re: Thursday, July 21, 2011 Game Recap & Discussion (SPOILER

Post by heisman65 »

OK, OK, no Celtic. How about corn mash for sour mash? BTW, thought this game was little tougher than the four previous games, where my Coryatts were a little above $34K. This one was a struggle to get to $30K. Think I'll have a Manhattan to drown my sorrows (which I somehow mixed up with an Old-Fashioned. Damn you Don Draper!).

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Re: Thursday, July 21, 2011 Game Recap & Discussion (SPOILER

Post by nserven »

Couldn’t get out of the British leaders rut, either. Obviously it wasn’t Churchill (who got mentioned during the regular game, anyway). I timidly said Clement Attlee.

Congrats, Samer, on a valiant effort against two very tough competitors.

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Re: Thursday, July 21, 2011 Game Recap & Discussion (SPOILER

Post by markrunsvold »

Samer and Brian were the two players I feared most at that taping, so to draw both at once was not my favorite thing. I actually found the boards to be easier than Tuesday's or Wednesday's, but the strength of the competition was brutal. I wish I'd wagered a little more on that Daily Double. I don't regret for a second getting it wrong, though, because I just didn't know anything about Wicked aside from the barest of facts about the musical. I may have gotten the Final on another day. Just couldn't shake the idea of it being a Brit.

My focus was drifting more than it had in any other game. The intensity of the opposition combined with exhaustion and returning champ stress (and some ill-advised studio commissary sliders) was adversely affecting every aspect of my gameplay. The more Brian rang in ahead of us, the more uncomfortable I felt with the buzzer. I'm almost certain I was jumping the gun and locking myself out for long stretches, and I didn't reach the sort of tunnel vision-y zone I'd found in previous games until I missed the Daily Double. On a visceral level, it was a tremendous relief to be done with all the standing on the stage, running to the green room, smiling at the camera, focusing on the board, etc. There's a lot I would do different if I had to do it over, but I can't say I'm anything but overjoyed with the entire experience.

Anyway, nice work by Brian. He was a strong, strong player. I don't think it's a stretch to say Samer could have beaten many opponents and may well have beaten me were it not for Brian.

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Re: Thursday, July 21, 2011 Game Recap & Discussion (SPOILER

Post by --Pete »

heisman65 wrote: How about corn mash for sour mash?
Corn mash is made from slightly cooked and mashed corn and fresh yeast. Sour mash adds the fermented material from a previous batch. The difference is analogous to making bread with fresh yeast and making bread from starter. I'd say no.

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Re: Thursday, July 21, 2011 Game Recap & Discussion (SPOILER

Post by Budphrey »

Delayed congratulations, Mark, on a highly impressive series of games, and more importantly for hoisting the standard for our fair Gem State. Having paid attention at least since 2004, I can confidently state that you're the most successful Jeopardy! contestant openly associated with Idaho in the past few years. You may also (though the Archivists may be in a position to guide me on this) be the first Idahoan to participate in the Tournament of Champions in other than, ahem, an "alternate" capacity.

See you in a few months and don't blow it all in one place!

I have to acknowledge that I was partially spoiled on the outcome of Thursday's game when I did my daily check of the Idaho Statesman website and saw a headline reading "Idaho college student's winning streak on 'Jeopardy' ended Thursday ..." The actual article didn't identify the winner, only saying that the winner took home a total of $30,000. My first thought was, "Awright, Samer came through!" ... And Samer, you actually did look like a champ-beater for much of the game. Well-played by all participants.

And the Dear Wife nabbed Thursday's Final while I couldn't connect the mental dots.
Poo-tee-weet? So it goes.

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Re: Thursday, July 21, 2011 Game Recap & Discussion (SPOILER

Post by MarkBarrett »

seaborgium wrote:I would like to add that I was amused to see Leo come up on the (traditional) last night of Cancer.

I think the last two 4xers (or better?) taken down in locks were Stephen Weingarten and Carl Brandt. I don't know why I'm bothering to bring this up, but it just crossed my mind. I can't even draw/jump to conclusions for Brian based on David Skaar's and Jessica Stapp's performances.

edit: How quickly I forget. Denis Theriault beat Brian Meacham in a lock. Further correction forthcoming as necessary.
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I did a quick search and did not see a mention here about Denis Theriault. He wrote about his experience here: ... game-show/

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