Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Game Recap & Discussion [SPOILERS]

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Re: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Game Recap & Discussion [SPOILERS]

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Category 13 wrote:
John Boy wrote:
Category 13 wrote: Alex butchered the pronounciation of Hereford. I've heard it as three syllables all my life.
When I was growing up in Texas, my family raised them, and I've never heard a 3-syllable pronunciation of that word in my life. I can't even imagine how you WOULD make that into three: her-ee ford?, here-uh-ford? hee-ruh-ford? Just "HUH?"
Hair-uh-ford. Or as my grandfather (born in 1897) and all his fellow Maine farmers would say, 'hair-uh-fud'.
I've never heard the 2-syllables pronounciation in my life, and I grew up outside of New England.
In Hartford, Her-e-ford, and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen! [/'Enry 'Iggins]

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Re: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Game Recap & Discussion [SPOILERS]

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opusthepenguin wrote:
Robert K S wrote:At first I thought the question was carefully worded in such a way as to make either the name of the man or the name of the product acceptable, but nope, it was "this man's career". Unless "Jack Daniel's" is a "career," I agree, it probably would have been neggable.
Looks to me like they can't neg it. Whose career? Jack Daniel's. You don't get penalized for repeating part of the clue--in this case the apostrophe s. If the clue had referred to "this man, who had a career in..." then the contestant would be clearly wrong. As it is, there's no way to tell whether the contestant said "Jack Daniels" (incorrect) or "Jack Daniel's" (correct).
Thanks for this, it's more defensible than I thought.
But if he was responding about the career, wouldn't he have said "What is Jack Daniel's?"... ;)
Got the point of FJ immediately, but I just couldn't remember which city had that "Am Main" in it...Couldn't think of too many German cities besides Berlin... :roll:

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Re: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Game Recap & Discussion [SPOILERS]

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TheyCallMeMrKid wrote:
countyguy wrote:
econgator wrote:
thejeopardyfan wrote:I only got today's final because of yesterday's LL match.


(No one decided to keep going with the trend on that?)

It amused me they kept going back to NATO and kept missing or TSing. Meanwhile, my IT career has etched those into my little gray cells. Oh the joy of reading off a 36 character long alphanumeric string to Microsoft because the key on the OEM holographic sticker has decided that it's invalid...
The best thing that Neil Armstrong ever did, was to let us all imagine we were him.
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Re: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 Game Recap & Discussion [SPOILERS]

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MarkBarrett wrote:
goatman wrote: Really need to know the NATO phonetic alphabet, as a pilot in my former life it is second nature. Bravo for talking 'bout Golf on the radio with Moonbase Alpha! Fly Delta, Charlie! Is there an Echo in here, Narcissus? NO it's AT doing the Foxtrot on the roof! Get a deep discount on your Hotel in India from Travelocity, Mike! Oscar-Meyer weenies and Lima beans are so unromantic, Romeo, hey Juliet, go tell Poppa on the Sierra mountains you wanna be my lover! Never drink Whiskey when you fly, Victor! You will end up Tango-Uniform, in the Yankee outfield with Shaka Zulu! (Army guy talk; T-U = Ti** Up!)

NATO words that are dances: Foxtrot, Tango.
NATO words that are proper names: Charlie, Echo, India, Juliet, Lima, Mike, Oscar, Quebec, Romeo, Yankee, Zulu.
When I was trying to find out why Juliett had two t's I came across this page with the kind of interesting stuff you would like: http://www.funtrivia.com/en/subtopics/N ... 71195.html
Fascinating, I never realized the aphonic spelling! Thanks Mark!!
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