Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

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Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

Post by MarkBarrett »


One from the '50s & one from the '80s, they're the 2 U.S. teams in the Hockey Hall of Fame's Stanley Cup Dynasties exhibit

Dana Higgins: 6250-4500=1750
Mary Flatley: 8500-8251=249
Joey Odom: 16750-251=16499 ($5,000)

Correct response:
Detroit Red Wings & New York Islanders (Dana - [He tried to change and fix his response as time was up.] Montreal Canadians & Edm Red Wins) (Mary - Canadiens & Islanders) (Joey - Canadiens and Oilers)
Scoreboard puzzle:
19 - 11
05 - 11
Hint 1:
not old
Hint 2:
316 losses
Hint 3:
The "19 - 11" is a year & the "05 - 11" is 511 wins.
Scoreboard answer:
Cy Young retired in 1911 with 511 career victories.
Check out another solution to the scoreboard puzzle I saw: ... -2016.html

This place also does recaps: ... pardy-831/

And this is a newly-created work-in-progress:

Daily Doubles
Mary: 2000+2000
Joey: 6250+2500
Joey: 10750+2500

Dana: 6250
Mary: 7500
Joey: 15750

Combined: 29,500

Episode title: "Ain't Got Time To Bleed"

The FJ! clue was a classic example of RTFC. I got as far as writing "Cana" before avoiding the same mistake all the players made. Getting on track for U.S., I instantly locked in Red Wings & Islanders.

Two games to go in the season. My plan is to post the weekly recaps by 2:00 p.m. PT on Wednesdays at the latest.

Season 2 leaderboard: (There has been no indication about any kind of season-ending finals or tournament)
Vinny Varadarajan - 15 wins & $75,000
Eric Park - 6 wins & $30,000 (23001+36501+16956+30000+20000+23987)
Roy Hollis - 5 wins & 25,000 (2499 + 24000 + 14750 + 23001+41001)
Thayer Gallison - 3 wins & $15,000 (22001+22222+24501)
Rick Karl - 3 wins & $15,000 (4501+14501+28499)
Megan Kim - 2 wins & $10,000 (6001+8750)
Jay Sullivan - 2 wins & $10,000 (25001+18501)
Ron Freshour - 2 wins & $10,000 (7750+17750)
Ray Nhan - 2 wins & $10,000 (11250+20500)
Keenan Bigg - 2 wins & $10,000 (26500+12500)
Joey Odom - 1 win & $5,000* (16499(
Dana Higgins - 1 win & $5,000 (9999)
Howard Tilman - 1 win & $5,000 (7001)
Jose Guzman - 1 win & $5,000 (16501)
Patrick Gillan - 1 win & $5,000 (6001)
Bryan Barton - 1 win & $5,000 (21500)
*still active

Celebrity guest games for charity were won by Paul "Paulie" Pabst and Rich Eisen.

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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

Post by BobF »

I like your scoreboard puzzle solution far better. The other is far too obscure. You know, obscure like Montreal actually being part of the U.S. (???)

My only difficulty with the FSJ was deciding between Red Wings and Blackhawks before settling in on Red Wings.
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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

Post by OrangeSAM »

BobF wrote:I like your scoreboard puzzle solution far better. The other is far too obscure. You know, obscure like Montreal actually being part of the U.S. (???)
Watson wrote:Toronto

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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

Post by Volante »

I just... U.S. Team...and all three say Canadiens?

That's the one team I'd make sure NOT to write down. (Blackhawks and Kings were my give you an idea of my NHL knowledge :lol: )
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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

Post by Rackme32 »

Like the contestants, I saw the us part of the clue late, but not so late that I couldn't manage a hurried guess (I'm not a hockey fan), but I guessed:
Bruins and Blackhawks just to say something
Nailed the Scoreboard Puzzle right away, and as is my custom of nailing a lot of the triple stumpers even though I don't get a great overall percentage of correct responses.

TS's I got include: the number of people on a coxed quad scull race, the number of people on a curling team, 5-letter item on the Belgian cheater's bike, 1908 Olympics site, roll cage (couldn't believe this, I am *not* a "car guy" and got it), tachometer (even *more* amazed I got this and they didn't; hell, even my econobox Kia has a tach).

TS's that also stumped me include: Northen Hemisphere rugby champ, Steeler's "ground" coach (I did the same thing Dana Higgins did)

That's 6 TS corrects for me and only two TS's that also stumped me.

The other 42 clues in the game, I got maybe 15 to 20, certainly less than half. Go figure.

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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

Post by econgator »

For the 50's team, I went with the Blackhawks. Isles were easy, 'cause that's my team. :)

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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

Post by Cat Hammarskjold »

Add one to team Blackhawks and Islanders. I was wondering if the FJ was a deliberate ploy to go viral to get more viewers, but I assume it was just unintentional. The three played very well, and I thought any one of them could've gone on a multi-episode run.

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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

Post by Shaymin »

I can understand thinking Canadiens (five straight cups in the latter half of the decade) so I locked in on that and Islanders. Would have made for a nice :facepalm: picture if I had been at the lectern.

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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

Post by Bamaman »

Dana said he didn't ring in on tachometer because it was the end of the game. If he had he wins by a buck if he doubles up on FJ.

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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

Post by trainman »

There was a clue in a recent game about the Detroit fans' tradition of throwing octopuses beginning in 1952, so that helped me come up with the Red Wings as part of the correct FJ response -- I figured for it to become a tradition, it must have worked pretty well.

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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

Post by Iron4Horse »

Just caught up on this episode. Some hockey history knowledge made FJ! a layup, in that of the 4 US teams pre-expansion the Wings were the only ones to win much at all. I'll be the first to tell you that it's clearly nerve-wracking up there, but even I was a bit surprised that all three didn't RTFC (except Dana too late). Thankfully for the champ it didn't hurt too much.

Was pulling for Mary in that one, as women winning is always good to pique interest, and she's a fellow Long Island native. But a great job by Joey on the win, and congrats to Dana for living the dream twice!

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Re: Sports Jeopardy! EP. 50 (8-31-16) [Spoilers]

Post by OntarioQuizzer »

(For me, it helped to remember that the Blackhawks, Rangers, and Bruins were generally Not Very Good during the 1950s, and that it was the Leafs, Habs, and Wings battling at the sharp end of the NHL standings year in and year out.)

(Also: my avatar may give away that I'm generally good at hockey trivia.)
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