Jeopardy 2019 North American Audition Tour

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Re: Jeopardy 2019 North American Audition Tour

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Retro good luck, pompetti!

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Re: Jeopardy 2019 North American Audition Tour

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pompetti wrote:
Sat Mar 20, 2021 7:48 am
Well it finally happened. I make my debut on Friday March 26th. It has been a very long journey.

I auditioned in April 2019.
Got the call March 2020 for an April 2020 taping.
The taping was moved up to March and then to later in April and then cancelled due to Covid.
An email in July told me I was still going to get called but at some unknown future date.
Alex's passing saddened me deeply as I was hoping to appear with him as the host.
Finally a call in mid January 2021 to tape in early February.
With the announced guests hosts, I was hoping it would be Aaron Rodgers. Dr. Oz was a complete surprise to all the contestants.

I hope you will watch all the episodes this week, everyone playing was fantastic.
Congratulations on making it to the show.
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Re: Jeopardy 2019 North American Audition Tour

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Congratulations! Very excited for you, and I'll be tuned in to the show.

I'm in the pool from December 2020, and I've been wondering why nobody who took the test in 2020 seems to be getting the call yet. Your post probably explains a lot of it. There is a huge backlog of qualified contestants dating all the way to 2019 due to COVID.

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