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Using the TPH Thread

Post by alietr »

I've noticed TPH's posts and the responses to them are getting much worse again. PLEASE help keep the daily threads readable. We don't need 10-20 posts in the daily thread about how TPH doesn't know something and why he should. IF you feel compelled to respond to him, hit reply to his post, copy it, and then paste it in The Official TPH Education Thread, NOT in the daily thread. The thread devote exclusively to him is almost always on the first page anyway (unfortunately). DO NOT respond in the daily thread. I know I'm not the only one annoyed by his repetitive posts and the predictable back and forth. I don't mind his initial post, but they are ALWAYS going to say he's never heard of something even though he has multiple times. They are ALWAYS going to say he can't retain information. I don't care that he can't remember something and about his mental processes, but I do care that he tells us about it DAILY. It's simple: DON'T respond in that thread if you feel compelled to respond at all (which, frankly, you SHOULDN'T). As a reminder, NOTHING you post is going to change him. You can TRY educating him, but that's proven to be FUTILE. You can tell him how he can educate himself; but that's proven to be FUTILE. Why even bother?

I've been moving posts over myself, but that's somewhat tedious and I really don't feel like I should have to waste my time doing this. I'm getting left with only two options: deleting posts outright as I see them or banning him. I know some people want the latter, but I know a lot of other people don't. So help me help you. Let's just make this appropriate posting etiquette for JBoard. Your cooperation is needed and appreciated. PLEASE. Pretty please with sugar on top.

-- Your Frustrated Administrator
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