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Archive issues

Post by mas3cf »

Anyone have some insight into what is going on with the Archive? It was down last night and again tonight. Just curious. I often take for granted how much I rely on the Archive until it isn't there for me...

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Re: Archive issues

Post by gameshowfandanny »

I just checked and it's back up.

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Re: Archive issues

Post by Robert K S »

The cause of the problem is unknown, but the best guess is abusive overuse of the nature of automated scraping, like someone trying to access every clue at the same time, overwhelming the number of available MySQL connections. I have no ability to resolve the problem, but it always goes away by itself within a half-day or a day. Note that whenever the Archive is down, you can access Google or Bing caches or the caches at the Internet Archive. Believe me, this frustrates me as much as it frustrates you.

For those who love 100% availability, it would be a good idea, every time a new game is added, to make sure it's in the Internet Archive, by trying to access the newly entered game URL through the Internet Archive and then opting to have the Internet Archive cache the game by clicking "Save this url in the Wayback Machine". So keep an eye on the "new old games" thread and cache away.

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