Jeopardy 25th anniv week

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Jeopardy 25th anniv week

Post by hdayejr »

I know the premiere aired then, and at least one Ken game. What were the others?

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Re: Jeopardy 25th anniv week

Post by Jeff-thecdboy »

Eddie Timanus' fifth game was another one.

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Re: Jeopardy 25th anniv week

Post by gameshowfandanny »

I've said this in other threads, but this was the schedule for that week (September 7-11, 2009):
September 7: Alex's first episode (also reran yesterday and is on Jeopardy! DVD)
September 8: Eddie Timanus' 5th game
September 9: Ken Jennings' 74th game
September 10: Ken Jennings' 75th game (also reran on May 15, 2020 and is on Jeopardy! DVD)
September 11: Game three of Ultimate Tournament of Champions finals (also is on Jeopardy! DVD)

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Re: Jeopardy 25th anniv week

Post by seaborgium »

I recorded and almost immediately taped over those episodes, but figuring that was probably the only time Alex's extra remarks would air, I transcribed them by hand before taping over them. I know exactly what folder my transcriptions are in, but I don't know where the folder itself is. I can't promise I'll hunt it down, but if I find it I'll post it (if someone else doesn't decide to beat me to it).

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