Anki flashcard decks for trivia learning

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Anki flashcard decks for trivia learning

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Hello folks! I was once an active J!Board member but have been away for a while, so please feel free to 86 this post if it's frowned upon.

Anyway, I wanted to drop by to get the word out about my Ko-Fi page where I'm sharing Anki flashcard decks that I'm making for the purpose of studying for trivia purposes, be they Jeopardy!, quizbowl, or whatever. I've been using Anki to study various topics for about a year and they've greatly helped me, especially with my weaker topics. So far I've got:
  • World capitals (with my own personal mnemonics)
  • US state capitals and nicknames
  • US presidents
  • US presidential elections (including losing tickets and pertinent issues)
  • Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction
  • Tony winners for Best Play and Best Musical
  • Periodic table
  • Power Five college sports teams
All decks are PWYW, so all support is greatly appreciated but they're there for the taking. Let me know what you think and if there are any topics you'd like to see!

EDIT: Realized I didn't even put the link in my original post. It's there now! - Analysis of a J! clue every M-W-F. Come tell me what I missed!
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